KsTU’s Institute of Research Calls on Citi FM Management, Seeks to Forge Partnership

KsTU’s Institute of Research Calls on Citi FM Management, Seeks to Forge Partnership

The Kumasi Technical University’s (KsTU) Institute of Research, Innovation, and Development is looking to explore more ways to effectively communicate research solutions to Ghanaians.

In view of this, representatives from the institute called on the General Manager of Citi FM, Bernard Avle, to discuss channels of collaboration. Dr. Smart Sarpong, the Director-in-Charge of the institute said, “We think that in academia a lot of knowledge is generated, but there is a missing link between the knowledge generated and the dissemination of that knowledge to the final consumers or concerned stakeholders.”

“We think if there is any better way to bridging the gap between knowledge creation and knowledge dissemination, then the media will be a very key agent,” he said.

The institute is hopeful to have solid partnerships by the launch of its journal of research innovation and development in 2022.

“We hope that the knowledge generated in our technical university will find its way to stakeholders with the assistance being offered by the Citi group.” The school’s management is currently on a working visit to some institutions in Accra.

The Institute of Research, Innovation, and Development was established in 2011 by the Kumasi Technical University Governing Council (then Kumasi Polytechnic Council) as research, consultancy, and training institute with a special concentration on Social, Statistical, Economic, and all forms of research, innovation for development and Development Research, and to coordinate research innovations in and outside the University. Prior to the establishment of IRID, the Kumasi Technical University had been engaging in some research and training activities for several years of its existence. As enshrined in statute 40 of the university status, IRID consists of five (5) centers namely:

1. Centre for Business Development and Consultancy Services (CBDCS)

2. Centre for Research, Development and Technology Incubation (CRDTI)

3. Centre for Technology Transfer and Skills Development (CTTSD)

4. Centre for Social Science Research (CSSR) 5. Centre for Competency-Based Learning and Development (CCBLD)

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