Graduands Told To Be More Productive

Graduands Told To Be More Productive

The 6th Special Congregation for the students from the Institute of Distance Learning and Continuing Education (IDCE) has taken place in June 2019 with the Director for the Institute Dr Alfred Sarbah, urging the graduands to be more productive with the knowledge and skills acquired. He said as the ambassadors of the University, that was the surest way to uplift the image of the Institution anywhere they would find themselves.

The Director charged them to deploy the technological skills they have acquired through their training in the University. He told them, “You are technology natives . . . born and educated in a technological world that was only found in science fiction stories when some of us in this room were in school. You twittered . . . read books and news on line….. Now, you are the generation that will take the technology of today to new and dizzying dimensions.”

He further encouraged the graduands to be part of a global generation with abundant opportunities based on   profession, recreational travels and explorations to the furthest reach of the earth and beyond.  Graduands were charged to strive to offer solutions to the environmental concerns and develop alternative energy sources.

The Director who was full of joy for the graduating students congratulated and challenged them to defy all odds and go out there to shine. He underscored the fact that dedication and hard work are great virtues so  they should be guided by them all the time. He said hard work is good but equally good are good morales especially as have become the representatives of the Kumasi Technical University.

He reminded parents how time had passed so soon that their children from kindergarten had reached the tertiary level and were graduating. He charged the graduating students to constantly remember that they were supported by other people so they should not forget about them.


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