Dr. Rogerson Anokye

Staff Grade: 

PhD. Wood Science & Tehnology, University of Putra, Malaysia

MSc. Wood Technology & Industrial Managent

Professional Membership: 
Society of Wood Science and Technology (SWST).
Teaching Areas: 

Management I, Management II, Principles of Supervision, Materials Technology, Production Technology.

Conferences Attended: 
  • International workshop and seminar on Bamboo and sustainable industrialisation and commercialisation of non-timber-forest-products (NTFPS), August 25 – September 13, 2013, Zhejiang, China
  • Seminar on Finger-jointing and laminating for door frames, Ampang, Malaysia, March 2013
  • 5TH Annual International Applied Research Conference, Koforidua, Ghana, June 2012
  • 15th Annual General Meeting of the Ghana Institute of Foresters, Kumasi, Ghana, 2011
  • Effective Retirement Planning by Ghana Employers’ Association, Kumasi Ghana, 2011
  • Academic Writing organised by Kumasi Polytechnic, Ghana, 2011.
  • Proposal Writing organised Kumasi Polytechnic, 2011.
  • Competency Based teaching curriculum development organised by NABPTEX, Shai Hills,     Ghana, 2010.
  • Designing, Construction and Finishing of Bamboo Furniture organised by Timber Industries Development Division of Forestry Commission, Akyawkrom, Ghana, 2009.
  • Timber Seasoning and Preservation organised by Timber Industries Training Centre of Forestry Commission, Akyawkrom, Ghana, 2009.
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  2. Anokye, R., E. S. Bakar, J. Ratnasingam, K. B. Awang (2016), Bamboo properties and its suitability to be used as a replacement for wood. Pertanika Journal of Scholarly Research Reviews. 2(1), 64-80.