Department of Agropreneurship

The Agropreneurship Department is part of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (IEED), of the Kumasi Technical University. It was established about 6-years ago. The Agropreneurship Department (APD) currently runs two programs:


To be a centre of repute for the training of agribusiness enterprises.


The Agropreneurship department exists to provide excellent training through teaching and research for students and agribusiness entrepreneurs who can become relevant to the society, and contribute to agricultural development in Ghana.   

Goals and Objectives

The main goal of the program is to train a cadre of graduates and equip them with adequate technical, entrepreneurial and management skills to enable them function effectively as agribusiness entrepreneurs who can establish and operate their own firms and also as act as agri-intrapreneurs.

The program has the following specific objectives:

  1. To train and produce graduates with in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge in agriculture, agribusiness management and post-harvest technology.
  2. To train young graduates to develop a positive mind set and business orientation that can transform agribusiness practice in Ghana.
  3. To equip graduates with requisite entrepreneurial characteristics needed to establish and successfully manage agribusiness ventures.
  4. To conduct academic research as well as industry-related research in core as well as emerging issues in agriculture and agribusiness that impact on agribusiness industry as a whole.
  5. To offer demand-driven consultancy services to agribusiness enterprises, agri-SMEs, FBOs, CBOs, agri-COOPs, etc.