Alhaji Prof. Yakubu Seidu Peligah

Staff Grade: 

PhD Art Therapy & Art Educ. (UCE), UK, 1994


Service to Community

1. Internal

  • Acting Rectorship

Membership of Committees:

  • Editorial Board
  • TUIC - K-poly
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Statutes Review
  • MESTI / COTVET Project Review Committee
  • Central Admission Board
  • Book and Publication Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Chairman Tamale College of Education Governing Council
  • Review of New Programmes Committee(Applied Sci., Art And Business)
  • Disciplinary Board
  • Technical University Implementation
  • Proposal Review
  • Kumasi Poly Journal (Editor-in-Chief)
  • Appointment and Promotion (Associate Professorship)
  • Imamship Appointment

2. External:

  • Assessed several Dissertations and Theses for sister institutions
  • External Examiner: KNUST Department of General Art Studies.
  • PhD 7 candidates,
  • M. A. Art Education 1candidate
  • MP hil Art Education 5 candidates.
  • External Assessor: KNUST College of Art and Built Environment, Senior
  • Lectureship Promotion.
  • External Supervisor PhD: KNUST , Department of Religion
  • External Assessor: University of Education, Senior Lectureship Promotion.

3. Social

Co-organised 1st Muslim Dialogue on Peace and Unity (K-Poly)
Resource person in Muslim Community activities; as Chairman; Speaker;
Guest of Honour :

  • Nasiriyya Islamic School, Aboabo - Kumasi
  • Ummul Quran Wataniyya School, Oforikrom – Kumasi
  • Rawdatu Shammsiyya Association, Ayigya – Kumasi
  • Ahibaai Ahlul Bait Association, Accra .
Conferences Attended: 
  • Training Workshop for colleges of Education. 8-11th February 2016. Noda Hotel Kumasi. Organized by T-TEL (Transforming Teacher education and Learning). GOG / UK AID.
  • K-Poly MUSLICOMM . Inter Muslim Dialogue on Peace and Unity, 20th March, 2016
  • Seminar: “The Ullama and Contemporary Challenges” venue: Nurul Ameen School. Asawasi, Kumasi. Organizers; Centre for Inter- Religion Studies and Dialogue and the council of Ullama and Imans (Ash. R eg.) 16 January 2016.
  • Manlid Nabi Um-al-Qura School, Oforikrom. 24th January 2016.
  • K-Poly Retreat, Noda Hotel. 31st February 2016.
  • Trade Forum and Exhibition on Education in Canada. L a Palm Beach Hotel and Residence of the Canadian Ambassador. 8th-10th February, 2016.
  • 4-days Workshop for Editorial Board Member (Associate Editor), International Journal of Applied Science, Technology and Management (JASTMA) Kumasi Polytechnic, Kumasi - Council Chamber, 10-11th D ec 2015.
  • Presentation: Stakeholders forum Technical University Industrial- Relation in the New Paradigm shift, on the 23 February 2016. Venue Great Hall

Publications in International Peer-Reviewed Journals:

  • Asare, T . and Peligah, Y . S .; Akan Totems in Textiles Designs: a means for preservation of wildlife in Ghana; [Journal of Science and Technology, India 2014]
  • Asare, T . O . Howard, E . K . and Peligah, Y . S . (2014). The Socio-Cultural Significance of Akan Totems in Textile Designs: A Means for Preservation of Wildlife in Ghana. The International Journal of Science & Technoledge: Vol 2 Issue 6.
  • Nyarko, M ., Essuman, M . A ., Peligah, Y . S ., (2015) Garment Designing Process – Kumasi Polytechnic Experience. International Journal of Innovation Research and Development, 4(4). view/69941.
  • Peggy Maansah Ankai Howard, Kweku Bedu Simpson and Alhaji Prof. Y . S . Peligah (2015): Assessing the Ceremonial Significance of Academic Procession and Dress in the Tertiary Institutions. - Evidence from Kumasi Polytechnic. Arts and Design Studies, IISTE , vol. 36, pp 6-21.
  • Nyarko, M ., Essuman, M . A ., Peligah, Y . S ., (2015) Garment Designing Process- Kumasi Polytechnic Experience  International Journal of Innovation Research and Development, 4(4), 316-323.


Peligah, Y. S. (2014) The Ant hill was not build in a Day. 2nd Ed [Recommended by the Textbooks and Educational Equipment Committee ( TEEC ) of the  Curriculum Research and Development Division ( CRDD ) of the GES as a supplementary readerfor Junior High and Upper Primary Schools, 2014]

ICAST Conference Participation

Participation and presentation of papers at the Kumasi Polytechnic 1st International Conference on Applied Science and Technology ICAST 2014 between
19th – 21st November, 2014.

  • Peligah, Y . S ., Nyarko, M . O ., and Essuman, M . A ., (2014). A Case for Contextual Figure Drawing for Art Students in Ghana
  • Nyarko, M . O ., Essuman, M . A , Peligah, Y . S ., and Crentsil, T . (2014) Garment Designing Process – Kumasi Polytechnic Experience.
  • Amos, E ., Peligah, Y . S ., and Osei- Poku, P . (2014), Developing Digital Techniques for Fashion Illustration.
  • Morttey-Bayuko, T ., Peligah, Y . S ., Nyarko, M . O ., (2014), Wax and Java Prints of Ghana Usage, Forms, Names and Meaning.